You Can Beat Stress


Reflexology works on the principle that areas on the hands and feet correspond to other areas around the body and that treating the foot – or indeed areas of the foot – can have therapeutic qualities, detoxing, and healing effects over the entire body.

An overall reflexology session, touching all of the major points of the hands and feet, will help relax you and ward off stress. To deal with extra tension, pay special attention to the diaphragm, the spine and the pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid and adrenal gland reflexes.

The Importance Of Reflexology For Eczema

Reflexology for eczema is a frequently asked question by eczema sufferers who choose for whatever reason not to participate in chemical treatments in the way of prescription medications and creams. This debatable issue is a highly combustible conversation due to an overwhelming difference in patients who suffer from it.

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You Can Beat Stress
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