You Can Beat Stress


Meditation is an amazingly effective method for short-term stress reduction and long-term health. The other great benefits of meditation are that it is free and always available and that benefits can be felt in just one session.

Meditation is not an easy thing to master, and there are experienced teachers available who can help.

It is not necessary to attend professional meditation Meditation classes however, as there are many self-help resources and books available which you can link to from this website.

Better Breathing Equals Less Stress

Meditation is one of the best, and quite natural, ways to relieve stress. If you like, you can accompany this with breathing techniques as well. This will help you to achieve a sense of serenity but it can take quite a lot of time before you are able to zone out easily.

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Native American Healing - How You Can Get Started

Although the modern Native American population might not initially seem to be an exemplar of good health practices, it's important to separate the tradition and potential of Native American culture with its current situation. Adopting the traditions of gratitude and reverence for nature is a great way to begin adopting a Native American attitude toward one's health.

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Maybe There Is Something Caveman Knows About Stress That You Do Not?

Over time we lose our ability to detect when we are stressed or not. Sometimes it's worth taking a step back and looking at things with a more clear perspective.

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You Can Beat Stress
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