You Can Beat Stress

Crystal Healing

It is believed that crystals can influence the spiritual or life-energy within our bodies body (known in the East as Prana or Chi).

This life force is particularly focused at energy centres called chakras. By placing crystals on these chakras areas, a qualified crystal healing practitioner can induce a healing effect within our bodies, and redistribute the energy into a state of balance.

Crystal healing therefore can be an effective way to reduce stress by using a holistic approach to inducing a sense of balance and relaxation.

Native American Healing - How You Can Get Started

Although the modern Native American population might not initially seem to be an exemplar of good health practices, it's important to separate the tradition and potential of Native American culture with its current situation. Adopting the traditions of gratitude and reverence for nature is a great way to begin adopting a Native American attitude toward one's health.

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How Motion Aids Healing

The therapy most often taught to deal with acute injury uses the acronym RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While it is important to give an injured body part rest, it is equally important to not rest it too much. The R in RICE should stand for Range of Motion, according to many sports therapists. In fact, the developer and main teacher of Soft Tissue Release, Stuart Taws, uses the acronym MICE (Movement, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) for his method of therapy.

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You Can Beat Stress
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