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Arts Therapies

Arts Therapies come in a number of different 'flavours'. Dance movement therapy allows stress sufferers to release their pent-up feelings in a manageable way.

Through musical interactions, a music therapist will engage the sufferer in supportive and understanding relationships, which may help them to make more sense of their stressful situations.

Art therapists will give the sufferer the opportunity to share and explore concerns through images.

Arts therapies do not require any prior artistic or musical skill, the therapy exists only to use the art as a medium through which to explore resolve the triggers of stress.

Music: The Magic Exercise Supplement

Music is one of those health topics where personal experience meets science and clinical trials. Several studies have been done on the effect of music on exercise. In fact, I could go on and on listing them. Most studies do show a positive effect to music during a workout, but then there are some studies that show no effect to music during a workout.

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