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Stress Treatment

Stress Treatment

Many people find it difficult to admit to others that they are stressed. Often people can feel embarrassed to talk to someone if they find that stress is becoming out of control. It is vital if you are feeling stressed, that you speak with somebody about it, particularly if the stress is starting to interfere with your life. That person can be a friend, family member, work colleague or local doctor.

Talking to somebody can help you to identify what the causes of your stress are, and can lead to a positive move towards finding a solution to your stress.

Counselling »

Counselling involves talking to someone about a range of issues, such as the triggers for your stress. A counsellor will encourage you to discuss your feelings and they can help you to find solutions to your problems. They can also help you to discover ways to deal with stress and its effects.

There are a number of dedicated support groups which exist to help people cope with and overcome stress. Ask your doctor or have a look for adverts in local publications.

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Stress Management »

There are 4 general approaches to managing stress:

  1. Remove the source of stress
  2. Learning to react differently to stress events
  3. Reduce the effect of stress on the body
  4. Learning alternative ways of coping with stress

There are various stress management techniques which your GP should be able recommend. For example, if you find yourself getting angry when you are stressed, techniques you can try could include talking treatment, anger management or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

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Stress Medication »

If stress is causing you to feel anxious or depressed then your doctor may prescribe you medication to treat these conditions.

There are several medications which can help with anxiety including:

  • Anti-anxiety medicine - Paxil and Xanax
  • Benzodiapines – Diazepam, Oxazepam, Nitrazepam and Temazepam
  • Antidepressants
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Complementary Therapies »

One of the best ways to cope with stress is to learn how to relax properly. A lot of complementary therapies focus on relaxation techniques.

Aromatherapy, reflexology and massage are effective ways to relax and wind down.

You may find that some self help books will help you learn relaxation techniques such as meditation, visualisation, breathing exercise and self-hypnosis.

Yoga is another popular way of controlling breathing during stressful situation and can help relive stress-related headaches and muscle aches and pains.

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