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School Stress

As schools, colleges and universities increasingly become more dependent on achieving targets, there is an even greater level of school stress placed upon students and children.

Putting pressure put on children at school to achieve is not such a bad thing, the problems arise when the child is unable to cope with the mounting pressures, this can lead to school stress.

Parents often have an important role to play in reducing school stress. Fortunately there are some simple techniques which can be employed to reduce the effects of school stress.

Teens And Eating Disorders

As we were all teenagers at one time, that is if you are twenty years of age or older today, you know that the teenage years are full problems, peer pressure, stress and the desire to fit in. It is not surprising then, with all of the peer pressure and images from the media, as well as the strong desire to fit in, that eating disorders are most common among teenagers.

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10 Killer Tips To Overcome Sleeplessness Without Addictive Drugs

We have all suffered from bouts of sleeplessness at one time in our lives but for many people, sleeplessness has become the norm more than the exception. Sleeplessness causes unnecessary exhaustion and has some serious implications to our health that are hard to ignore.

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Sleep Disorder in Children

Many parents who suspect that their child is suffering from a sleep disorder, may search the internet using the term "sleep disorder in child". They are looking for signs and symptoms of sleep disorder. We are all familiar with sleep disorders in adults, but did you know that there is a such a thing as a sleep disorder in a child? It's true, sleep disorders are not just germaine to adults, they affect children, as well.

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How To Use A Journal To Reduce Your Stress

For some people it's hard to identify when they are stressed. This is where writing down everyday things can become a very useful medium to targeting and beating stress in your life.

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Your Job May Be Killing You

If asked if your job is stressful, chances are you would answer with an emphatic "Boy is it ever"! Work is by far the leading source of stress in our lives. Nine out of ten people say they experience high levels of stress several times a week. And one out of four of us have high stress levels every day.

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Maybe There Is Something Caveman Knows About Stress That You Do Not?

Over time we lose our ability to detect when we are stressed or not. Sometimes it's worth taking a step back and looking at things with a more clear perspective.

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Stress Relief - Choose A Good Diet To Manage It

Good food habits can bring about significant stress relief. Most of your stress is often attributable to taking wrong foods. Stress relief and food habits form a vicious circle-the more bad foods you take, the more you get stressed up. When gulping down your burger or your pizza or sipping your cup of hot coffee, did you ever realize that you are yourself contributing to your own strain? Read on to know more.

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