You Can Beat Stress

Family Stress

There can be a lot of family stress these days, as anybody who's been to the supermarket recently would know.

Parents often have to work long hours on top of their other responsibilities and children are overloaded with school work and extra curricular activities.

Family stress can occur because there simply isn't enough time set aside for relaxing and spending time together as a family.

Stress at home can affect your work or school life, which in turn can lead to even more family stress. For this reason and many others, maintaining a stress-free family environment is very important.

Are Panic Attacks Abnormal

Panic attacks are normal in the sense that it is the body and the minds reaction to a certain stimulus. A certain portion of the brain controls the anxiety switch and becomes activated when there is a potential threat or danger. This reaction is normal as it prepares the body for either a flight or fight syndrome. It also triggers other defenses into action and prepare for an assault.

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Teen Depression Can Be Beat

This article has been written because the author knows what a nightmare depression is at any age, and particularly so during the teenage years It is not clear what factors contribute to teen depression. Some are saying that it is caused by emotional factors while others say that biological factors contribute to it. There are even cases wherein it is the combination of both these plus other factors that lead to teen depression.

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Breakthrough: Why Understanding Separation Anxiety Disorder Will Ultimately Cure It

I remember one time during my school years, I saw a mother trying to leave her clinging, teary and tantrum-filled child at school. Goodbyes like that are common to the children's earliest years. Actually, it is called separation anxiety. But, it's not only common to children; it is as well common to parents, especially if they only have one child ready for school.

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How To Use A Journal To Reduce Your Stress

For some people it's hard to identify when they are stressed. This is where writing down everyday things can become a very useful medium to targeting and beating stress in your life.

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Your Job May Be Killing You

If asked if your job is stressful, chances are you would answer with an emphatic "Boy is it ever"! Work is by far the leading source of stress in our lives. Nine out of ten people say they experience high levels of stress several times a week. And one out of four of us have high stress levels every day.

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Maybe There Is Something Caveman Knows About Stress That You Do Not?

Over time we lose our ability to detect when we are stressed or not. Sometimes it's worth taking a step back and looking at things with a more clear perspective.

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Stress Relief - Choose A Good Diet To Manage It

Good food habits can bring about significant stress relief. Most of your stress is often attributable to taking wrong foods. Stress relief and food habits form a vicious circle-the more bad foods you take, the more you get stressed up. When gulping down your burger or your pizza or sipping your cup of hot coffee, did you ever realize that you are yourself contributing to your own strain? Read on to know more.

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