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Is Paxil Addictive?

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By: Nick Johnson

The antidepressant Paxil has been under fire for the serious side effects that people are claiming. GlaxoSmithKline is now under fire for the stream of Paxil birth defects as well as accusation that Paxil causes addiction to the medication.

Those suffering from Paxil addiction describe their life as one constant razor blade after another. Paxil addiction makes the patient constantly irritable and sensitive to sound and light and produces chronic headaches. Paxil attorneys explain that the pharmaceutical company was negligent as they were aware that Paxil addiction was a distinct possibility.
Paxil addiction has been seen in more than 4,000 patients taking Paxil, and the count is still increasing. With the same severity as Paxil birth defects, Paxil addiction is tearing apart lives and creating non-functional individuals that were once at the very least functioning members of society. Most people who are prescribed Paxil are simple hitting a rough period of life and do not have long term mental illnesses.

There are those who are firing back at those who are claiming Paxil addiction as well as the Paxil attorneys representing them. Some psychiatrists believe that those who are claiming Paxil addiction are in reality suffering from something other than depression which explains why they are not thriving on Paxil. Paxil attorneys counter this theory with the simple logic that if the drug wasn't addictive, those patients who do not thrive on Paxil would be able to switch to a different medication. However, the patient must be able to cease the usage of Paxil prior to starting a more appropriate medication and the patients are incapable of doing so, thus this makes the condition Paxil addiction.

Medications that carry a risk of addiction or that can even be considered habit forming are required to come with a warning. The Paxil bottles and Paxil literature did not come with warnings about Paxil addiction, and therefore are liable for damages according to Paxil attorneys.

Those suffering from Paxil addiction report their symptoms while taking Paxil are intolerable and the withdrawal symptoms from stopping Paxil are intolerable. Those with Paxil addictions truly just want their lives back. Paxil addiction is also of course compounding the issues women who are giving birth to babies with Paxil birth defects are facing.

Those who suffer from a Paxil addiction are likely to lose their jobs, their friends, and their basic coping skills. Paxil addicts are losing their lives and attempting suicide as a result from this side effect that the drug company still denies exists. Paxil addictions are very serious and require intervention on an immediate basis. It is not advisable to wait until there is confirmation from the drug company that Paxil addiction really exists.

Paxil has, of course, helped thousands of people reclaim their lives from the grip of depression. For those individuals Paxil is a life saver. However, their positive experience can not be used to cover up the devastation caused by Paxil birth defects or Paxil addiction.

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