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By: Jonathon Hardcastle

The early summer period is considered ideal for you to take care of your neglected self, to rectify any of your bad winter habits, to find the necessary time to improve your health and fitness levels, to offer some small "gifts" to your body and consecutively to improve the quality of your life. Following the above list is not something one should recommend only to people that are healthy and fit, but most importantly to those who work too much, are always under stress, do not engage in any type of physical activity, and of course, have bad eating habits.

Reduce the Stress Factor: This comes first in this list of advices, since stress is directly related with a variety of health problems. Experts suggest that those suffering from stress should sleep for 30 minutes during the day; apart from the required 6-8 hours of night sleep. Even if your work does not allow you to be home before 6 p.m. try sleeping for half an hour when you get back. It is rejuvenating and equals two hours of night sleep. Moreover, instead of watching TV you should listen to your favorite music, sit comfortably on the couch and read something pleasant. The continuous parade of images on the TV screen increases your stress levels, while reading and listening to a tune can both entertain you and help you reexamine your worries later with a clear head.

Eat Healthier Food: Apart from stress, the high levels of sugar in your blood in combination to an unhealthy diet you follow can weaken your heart. Thus, you should add to your daily nutrition, foods that contain fibers, like whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, pulse, etc. If you cannot say goodbye to sweet flavors, it is best for you to eat dark chocolate, honey roasted nuts or dried fruits. These will provide you with the sugar you want to taste, but will not add tremendously to your daily calorie intake.

Find Time to Exercise: Imperative for your good health and your normal heart's operation is to exercise regularly and frequently. If it is difficult to find those extra minutes during the day to visit the gym or participate in any sport, select to use the public transportation that is available in your area and get off one stop before your final destination in order to walk; if that is feasible of course. If you have to drive, try parking five minutes further away from your house or office and then walk the rest of the distance. Use the stares instead of the elevator and during the weekend if you select to dine outside your house, go somewhere that you can walk before dinning (e.g. sea, mountain).

Drink Water: Extremely important for your body to stay fit is to drink water. Water is one of the few things you should never exclude from your diet. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and try to choose water instead of a soda drink or coffee during or after dinning.

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