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By: Ajeet Khurana

Relaxation techniques are a big concern right now in our fast paced world. As the number of things on our minds continue to increase, learning to relax has become increasingly difficult. Today, using natural techniques is a preferred approach by many, as many people are leery of turning to medical assistance. There are many natural approaches to relaxation; there is no “one way”. You need to find the one that works for you, and stick with it.

Guided ImageryGuided Imagery is exactly what it says it is. You need to envision yourself somewhere peaceful. Many people joking refer to this as the “happy place”, but that is essentially what it is. First you need to lie down and close your eyes and think of the “happy place”. Choose a place that makes you happy. It could be a white sand beach with beautiful sea breezes whipping around you, or a grassy picnic in the mountains, it can be anything and any place you want it to be. It does not have to be someplace you’ve been, it could even be someplace you want to be. Your imagination is your limitation. While you are imagining yourself there, pay attention to every sound, smell, warmth, feeling, sensation. Visualize that you are at such a place and try to unwind. Use this place as often as you need to and whenever you want to. “Pretending” that you are somewhere that you want to be when you can’t be, can be very soothing.

Quiet EarsIn this technique, you are going to tell your body to quiet down by physically forcing quiet into your body. Lie on your back or whatever position is comfortable and close your eyes. Put your hands behind your head and place your thumbs inside your ears closing the ear canal. A high-pitched rushing sound will occur, this is expected. Brush away all other distractions. Your arms will relax by themselves and you will eventually fall asleep.

White NoiseWhite noise is commonly known as white sound. Since it utilizes many frequencies of sounds from high to low and back it has what is known as a “masking” effect. The noise itself will appear like a whooshing noise and many have likened it to the sound of rain or wind in the trees. Studies have shown it to be incredibly peaceful to listen to and unconsciously soothing as it is a sound derived from nature. You can purchase White Noise CD’s or noisemakers through your local bookstore or retailers online.

These are just a few relaxation techniques you can try on your own, there are so many out there. Most of such techniques of relaxation operate on the same principles as exercise does. To use these techniques successfully, you must use put in enough time an practice.

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