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Essential Carnation Oils Have Many Health Benefits

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These fragrances, when massaged onto the body or taken in through the nostrils, have a different effect upon the mind and body. For example some oils help to alleviate stress and sleeplessness while other oils help to minimize acne, menstrual, cramps, fatigue, and depression.

One particular essential oil is carnation essential oil. When using carnation essential oil or any other essential oil it is important to understand that there are certain precautions involved with the use of essential oils.

Storing Carnation Essential Oils

When utilizing carnation essential oils or any other essential oil it is important to understand that there are certain precautions that should be taken. Some of these precautions deal with the storage of carnation essential oils.

Storage precautions include the fact that the essential oils should be kept out of direct sunlight. In addition, essential oils should be stored in a darkened bottles. Good examples of darkened bottles include coral blue bottles or dark amber bottles.

Safety Precautions

There are many precautions that individuals should take into consideration when using essential oils. These precautions also should be followed when utilizing carnation essential oils.

One of the major precautions is to ensure that the strength of the carnation essential oil is diluted according to recommended specifications. If the oil is to be used as a massage oil it must be mingled with what is known as carrier oil. This carrier oil that the essential oil is mixed with can include oils from the almond, grape seed, avocado, etc. Also, wheat germ oil serves as a good carrier oil.

One such precaution deals with individuals who are pregnant. It is important that the pregnant woman consult with her doctor or obstetrician before utilizing carnation essential oils. In addition, there may be sensitive issues surrounding the use of Carnation essential oils. Therefore, it is important that a small portion of the skin be tested to make sure that the use of this oil doesn't cause negative reactions. It is highly recommended that the individual wait one full day to ensure that there is no adverse reaction.

Also, carnation essential oils should not be handled by children. In addition, if children are to be treated with aromatherapy the dosage or strength of the oil should be significantly reduced.

One last safety precaution is that carnation essential oil never they taken internally.

Benefits of Carnation Essential Oils

Carnation essential oils are credited with providing many therapeutic benefits to the individual. These benefits include an anti-inflammatory effect, helping with hair loss, act as a muscle relaxant, and aid in the treatment of excess gas.

In addition to these benefits, carnation essential oils can aid an individual’s skin in many ways. Some of these ways include the reduction of wrinkles, helping with cases of eczema, minimizing ashes, act as a skin conditioner and health in instances of rosacea.

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