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What You Should Know About Back Pain Treatments

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Treatment for back pain does not give instantaneous feedback or results. First step taken by individuals is alleviating back pain through ice or heat and medications. If this doesn’t show effects medical evaluation was the next step. The symptoms of the patient along with the period of back pain are taken into account for treatment. Patients with acute back pain need not worry as the period is short and it resolves by itself. Sub-acute needs attention, as the period is longer than acute. Back pain has to be treated if it’s chronic which means the presence of pain for more than 3 months. Pain for day’s together, awakening during sleep in the night because of pain, Dysfunction of bowel or bladder, fever and infections with unusual symptoms are warning signs to start treatment.

Back pain treatments that are done at home like applying ice above the strained muscle relieve pain and heat can be applied to relax the stiff muscles. Bed rest for two days is recommended and after rest normal activity can be done.

The commonly prescribed medication for pain relief is ibrufen and also acetaminophen but the advice of a physician is a must for all medications. For Acute back pain narcotic and non-narcotic pain relievers are prescribed. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also suggested. Oral steroids are also used but they have after effects like headache and weakening of bones. Chronic back pain, which occurs due to damage of nerves, is treated by tricyclic antidepressants and nortriptyline. Side effects like constipation, dryness in the mouth and lethargy are possible.

Steroid injections are injected in the membrane of nerve roots to reduce the pain instantaneously to a certain extent. Physical therapy is normally practiced to reduce pain, bring back normal activity, boost functions and avoid recurrences. Massage therapy influences the increase of circulation of blood in the affected area. Massage therapy has various devices to be used and techniques that can be followed. Electrotherapy is also very effective as it passes mild currents on the skin and stimulates contraction of muscles, strengthening of muscles and increasing the level of neurochemicals on the area. Ultra sound reduces pains and muscle spasms as the sound in the form of waves penetrates into the skin and makes the soft tissues to vibrate. It also creates gentle heat, which in turn increases the flow of blood in the body. Acupuncture helps in reducing back pain without medication and the side effects are less. Thin –hair needles are inserted inside the skin for less than 30 seconds. But frequent sessions have to be undergone.

Surgery is undergone for chronic back pain with symptoms like compression of spinal cord, weakness of muscles and problems in bowel or balder. The herniated disc, which presses the nerves, is removed by discectomy. Spinal cord gets compression by the lamina and this can be removed by Laminectomy. Bone grafting is also done for spinal instability.

Exercise strengthens bones and minimizes injury risk. Regular exercise rectifies physical problems and prevents from new ones. For back pain exercise helps in speedy recovery and makes the back muscles strong. The soft tissue around the spine, which includes the ligaments, the muscles and tendons, gets benefited through stretching. Different muscles when stretched gains flexibility and also maintain mobility. The muscles targeted to stretch are Hamstrings (back part of leg), Piriformis (back part of thigh bone and the spine), Psoas Major (front part of lower spine) and the Gluteus muscles (around the buttocks). Muscle flexibility increases if stretching is done daily and frequently. Aerobics with walking, bicycling and water therapy minimizes pain throughout the body. Prevention can be done through maintaining weight, healthy diet, awareness of suitable body mechanics and avoiding same posture for longer duration.

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