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How to Use Past Journal Entries to Help Solve Problems Today

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By: Daniel J Lesser

Journaling can help you work through stress-causing problems in your daily life, your relationships, your family and friends and even in the workplace.

Journal writing isn't just about feeling better today. It can also help you solve problems and understand situations by looking back on your life and your past entries.

After you have been journaling for any length of time, you will be able to see how you can look back on past entries and observe your own personal growth. Many of your early entries may begin as stress-filled, snippets of complaints and confusion. As you continue writing, you will discover ways to work through the stress in your life and you will find yourself solving problems as you are writing them down. You will begin making plans for taking control of situations in your life.

Reading over past entries can help you in different ways such as:

1. Lets you see how you have grown over time.
2. Reminds you of how you have handled a similar situation.
3. Gives you a different perspective because with each new day, you are no longer the same person.

It can be beneficial in times of stress to look over your past and see that you have overcome other obstacles. It can help give you hope that you will get through your current situation. This helps reduce the stress that you may be feeling over the situation.

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