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Effectively Dealing With Panic Attacks

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By: Dr. Amit Mehta

Learning how to deal with panic attacks is a good thing to know because even with effective medical treatment, there is still a chance that patients could experience the occasional attack. There is also an added benefit to learning how to deal with panic attacks. By effectively dealing with panic attacks, patients might even be able to head off an attack.

Relaxation techniques are one effective way to deal with panic attacks. Use of meditation, muscle relaxation, visualization (guided imagery) and relaxed breathing are all relaxation techniques that can help patients deal with panic attacks.

In order to make the most of relaxation techniques as a way to deal with panic attacks, you should relax both your body and mind. True relaxation is an internal action of peacefulness. Learning true relaxation techniques as a way to deal with panic attacks can help deal with panic attack symptoms like headaches, hyperventilation, and teeth clenching.

To relax begin by blocking out the world and concentrating on your body. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Let your jaw drop and keep your eyelids relaxed and heavy, but not tightly closed.

Use concentration to mentally scan your body and begin the relaxation process that will help you deal with panic attacks. Begin with your toes, work up through your legs, buttocks, torso, arms, hands, fingers, neck and head. As you focus on each individual part, imagine your tension melting away.

Next tighten your relaxed muscles in each section of the body for a count of five or more. Relax those muscles and move to another muscle section. As you do this let the thoughts go through your mind (sometimes it's very difficult to block them), but don't focus on them. Tell yourself you're relaxed and calm and perfectly at piece. Breathe slowly and imagine you're in one of your favorite places. Do this for five to ten minutes a day.

Other ways to deal with panic attacks include not indulges in what you think could happen. Tell yourself to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with when the time comes. Accept your panic attack. Don't fight it. Rate it and wait it out using any relaxation techniques that you're able to do.

You can also deal with panic attacks by using your mind and voice to talk yourself through a panic attack. These are called coping statements. When you use coping statements as a way to deal with a panic attack, speak out loud and use a firm and gentle tone.

Some coping statements that can help you deal with any panic attacks are:

? What's happening to me might seem overwhelming. But I've caught myself in time and refuse to focus on the things that make me feel overwhelmed. In this way my anxiety will shrink and disappear.

? This may be hard now, but it'll get easier as time goes by.

Above all, the best way to deal with panic attacks is to be practical and patient. Be committed to your recovery, but don't become a recovery perfectionist.

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