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Incense - Enjoying the Aroma

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By: Barney Garcia

Incense can be defined as an aromatic substance which is obtained from certain resinous trees and largely used for religious worship. The word is also used to signify the smoke or perfume arising from incense when burned.

You can buy incense practically anywhere for cheap and it is a wonderful way to scent your house. The different flavors can also be used to enhance certain moods, or treat different problems.

Restless sleep: If you are experiencing restless sleep or nightmares, try burning a sandalwood, frankincense, night queen or lavender flavored incense before bed.

Stress: try burning patchouli or lavender scented incense if you are dealing with a stressful situation, or there is a stressful mood in your household. These two flavors work on anger, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, negative attitudes, exhaustion, insomnia, moodiness, phobias, and emotional healing.

Loving mood: To enhance a warm, loving mood, especially at family gatherings, try burning Nag Champa incense. This flavor is also very good at eliminating bad odors because it is so sweet.

Grounding yourself: If you're feeling indecisive, unsure or have a large task to do which you just can't face, then Nag Champa, sandalwood, patchouli can all help a great deal.

Afternoon lifts: After lunch, when you are feeling sluggish and tired, instead of reaching for a coffee, try burning either of these scents to lift your mood and energy levels. Amber, night queen and frankincense.

Inspiration: Incense can be a wonderful way to inspire and give hope to people. Try burning strawberry, blue lotus, sweet musk or opium flavors.

Meditation: to help enhance your ability to meditate or concentrate try burning jasmine flavored incense which also has the ability to provide confidence, creativity, happiness, reflection and self-awareness.

Love: to bring love into your home, or enhance a romantic mood, try burning Rose, Musk, Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla, Thyme or Cinnamon flavored incense.

Money: to promote a good money making aura in your home, try burning Cinnamon, Honeysuckle, Allspice, Clove, Sage, Pine, Ginger or Basil incense.

Protection: To protect yourself, your family and your house from evil spirits, evil aura's or to protect a loved one from disease, burn Sandalwood, Sage, Frankincense, Anise, Cinquefoil, Hyssop or lilac incense.

As you can see there are many uses for incense. If you just enjoy the scent they produce or you are trying to enhance a certain mood in your home, incense has a use for everything. These are some of the uses for the different flavors of incense, but keep experimenting with your own scents and see what wondering effects you can produce!

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