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How To Stop a Panic Attack

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By: Dr. Amit Mehta

For those that suffer from it, learning how to stop a panic attack is something that is very essential to your well being. There are countless people that have this condition, so do not feel as if you are the only one. The best news of all is the fact that you can stop this attack from happening too. You will need to work at it and you will need to determine the right tools for the job. Yet, with a bit of education in this matter, anyone that suffers from panic attacks can learn to effectively stop them from happening.

Breathing Helps

You know the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing are unwarranted. You know what they are. You may even know what triggers them. Yet, do you know how to use breathing as a means for helping to stop these from happening to you? Breathing techniques have been developed to aid a person in learning how to stop a panic attack. Here is a process that will help you to stop a panic attack as it is coming on.

1. Realize the internal and external aspects that cause the panic attack to happen. You should know what the symptoms are from past experiences. In addition, you should know what types of environments or situations will contribute to an attack. Gathering this information will help you to realize when to move on to stopping it from getting worse. If you can not remember these things, make sure to write them down. This way, you can better correlate what is happening, when it is happening and what has brought it on.

2. Concentrate on something outside of your body. The next thing that you need to do is to find something outside of your body to think about and focus on. For example, look at the flowers outside and push your thoughts to that object. This will help to get them away from what is causing the panic attack. This will take practice and determination.

3. Breathing. Now, place your hand on your lower abdomen. You need to practice this technique to get it right, but it will get much easier as time moves on. Take in a deep breath but make only the area of your body that has the hand on it move up. Hold the breath for a count of three then exhale through your mouth. Before you take the next breath, wait for a count of five. This process will help you to regain your calm and stop you from hyperventilating.

Other techniques that can help you to stop a panic attack include forced muscle relaxation, yoga, music, as well as exercise. All of these things will take time for you to learn and to do, yet all will be rewarding to you as well.

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