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What Hypnosis Therapy Can Do For You?

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By: John Layton

Hypnosis is known as a state when the subject is controlled through their mind to have a different behavior than normal. There are other ways of hypnosis, some of them being used everyday by some people and work if we have a high suggestibility. Hypnosis was very much used for entertainment being even compared to magic but nowadays it's used for therapeutically effects, which are incredible.

Hypnosis therapy's effects are different: an increased suggestibility, abreaction, affecting judgment and focusing attention on a certain thing.

Suggestibility is known to play a big role in hypnosis however this conclusion is not accepted by some therapists. While on hypnosis someone accepts things that they wouldn't normally accept. Some of the people remember hypnosis; some of them don't but the ones who remember say that at the time of the hypnosis what the hypnotists say sounded better than what they were thinking do so they did what the hypnotists asked.

Abreaction is an uncommon reaction during hypnosis of panic and fear. This normally appears when the subject remembers traumatic experienced and relives them through hypnosis.

Judgments is said to be affected by hypnosis. As there aren't any scientifically evidences about this we cannot accept it being true however people think that when hypnotized the person has their brain washed.

Through hypnosis the person can focus their all attention to a subject they want. For example when you want to lose weight through hypnosis you are being told that junk food is no good and you should be eating healthy food, so your attention from junk food is directed to healthy food. Hypnotist also use focused attention to induce the state of hypnosis and it is said that the person who has their attention focused voluntary on a certain thing cannot be distracted so the person becomes absorbed and doesn't see anything around them and that's actually how hypnosis works.

The issues that hypnosis therapy treats are very numerous such as: anxiety, smoking, pain, alcohol problems, phobias and weight loss, but again, our own will plays an important role because if one does not want to be hypnotized or treat their problems they cannot expect results.

What hypnosis therapy can do is to replace people's willing to do a certain thing with willing to start immediately doing that. We always say that we want to quit smoking or find a job; we just want that but never do anything about it so through hypnosis you will start doing that without leaving it for the future like you normally did.

Usually our mind doesn't know that, for example, smoking is bad for us and our mind uses smoking as a relief for other problems such as stress or pain. By using hypnosis your mind will also know that something is bad for you and work with you solving that problem.

If you tried every method of curing you should try hypnosis especially to will problems because it starts where the pills cannot go: in your mind. Nowadays hypnosis is a risk free method and if you choose a professional you will surely have results. Remember: every issue we have starts in our mind.

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