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Hypnosis is More Than a Parlor Trick

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By: Jerry Cahil

When you hear the word "hypnosis", most people automatically think of some evil villain, hypnotizing his innocent victim to get them to do horrible acts. But, this is far from the actual truth and use of hypnosis today. In the early 19th century, hypnosis was used as a parlor trick, a way to make a quick buck by impressing the audience with a unique talent that could awe and scare everyone in the crowd. Today, hypnosis is used mostly as a therapeutic remedy for many things, including helping people to quit smoking, weight loss, grief, and even helping people with amnesia to remember their lives. The art of hypnosis is used all over the world now, and is a widely accepted practice in many of the medical and criminal justice circles.

Some specialists say that people will put themselves into a state of hypnosis on a daily basis when doing any of the following things: driving, reading, watching movies, or anything that requires you to tune out the rest of the world and concentrate on the task at hand. When you are in this kind of "state", you are so engrossed in the task at hand, that you will usually be frightened or jump at a loud sound or something jumping out at you. This is considered a state of hypnosis.

The deeper states of hypnosis that are used for medical and criminal justice purposes involve a set of relaxation techniques that help the person fall deeper into this state that is between being awake and sleeping. In this deeper state, you tune out everything else and believe that the sensations, sights, and sounds you are experiencing are real to you. So, if it is suggested that you can't talk, you won't be able to talk. If it is suggested that you smell roses in the air, you will smell roses. If it is suggested that you are eating a steak, you will taste the steak and be able to swallow it.

It is in this deeper state of hypnosis that people are very highly suggestible. This is why this deep state of hypnosis is great for those who long to quit smoking or lose weight or have other mental or health problems that can benefit from a stronger will towards the behavior. Being in a very deep trance, the hypnotist can suggest that cigarettes taste like something you hate, and over the period of a few sessions, you will come to realize that the cigarettes do taste like that food you hate.

Hypnosis can be very beneficial to people, if used in the correct way. If you are considering hypnosis as a treatment for anything, make sure that you speak to the doctor or therapist who will be doing to session and ask any questions that you have before you go in for your first session. Make sure that you are completely at ease with it, so you can relax completely while in the session. If you are comfortable and relaxed going in, the session and treatments won't take as long to correct the behavior that you are seeing this specialist to accomplish.

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