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Looking for Panic Attack Help?

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By: Dr. Amit Mehta

Panic attack help is out there. There is not doubt that many people need to seek out this help as well. If you feel that you are in a situation in which you need to seek help for panic attacks, then take comfort in the fact that there are solutions out there that can and will help you to do just that. Getting panic attack help can make your life better.

If you have panic attacks or are doing this in an effort to try and stop yourself from having them, then you may need to seek out help of those that are able to provide it. The first person that you should look to for help is your doctor. Panic attack help is available for your needs.

Know If Its You

If you experience the symptoms listed below, or you find that you are feeling like these things regularly, then you should seek out the help of your doctor. Remember, that any of these symptoms can be a sign that you are having a panic attack. If you have four or more of them at one time, during the same ten minute period, you may be facing a panic attack and you should seek help for it.

Shortness of breath or a sensation of smothering
Feeling of unsteadiness, dizziness or faintness
Racing or pounding heartbeat
Sensations of trembling or shaking
Sweating, chills or hot flashes
Sensations of choking or throat constriction
Nausea, stomach pains or an upset stomach
Sensations of numbness or tingling
Chest pain or discomfort
Fear of impending doom, death or "going crazy"
Feelings of detachment
Fear of losing control
Sense of unreality

It is important that you contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional immediately to develop a course of medication and/or therapy that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Panic attack help is out there that can help to minimize these symptoms or at least give you some relief from them.

What Causes It?

Researchers have found that heredity, stress and biological factors may all play a role in determining whether you experience panic attacks, though your chances appear to increase if a close family member has also had them. All in all, no clear cause has yet been identified.

Your body's natural instincts of "flight or fight," may be more closely related to why this happens to you. In response to the threat of ensuing danger, your body instinctively knows to ready itself for action. When you experience a panic attack, you suffer the same sensations you would during an adrenaline rush which is designed to protect you from harm. During a panic attack, however, you experience it in without there being any type of real danger in front of you.

You should take notice of what is happening to you. In addition, you need to seek out the help that is available to you for your condition. Talk to your doctor about your condition and seek out the help that he can provide you. You are sure to find some solutions if you take the time available to look for panic attack help.

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