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Insomnia at 4am

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By: Mike Poole

If you have ever needed something to read at 4 in the morning here it is. I only woke up a few minutes ago with my normal recurring insomnia. It's a kind of half life. You're not sure if you are awake or asleep.

You're not sure if it is day or night. You're not sure if you are alive or dead. All you know is you don't sleep. You wake up and you're not sure it it's dawn or dusk. You reach for cigarettes. You reach for pills. You reach for coffee. You drive to work. You come home from work. You hit the computer. You sleeep.

If this sounds anything like the lifestyle you have been leading then welcome. You are not alone. Insomnia affects lots of people. Its the new silent life stress. Like me now you know you have a bizzy day in a few hours and you know you should sleep but you just cannot.

So whats the answer? More coffe? More cigarrettes? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. The answer is to write articles on the internet for a while.

Try to get through to other insomniacs. Try to get through to other people who cannot sleep either. Try and get through to you. The real you. The real me.
Not the people who can't sleep. But the people who can.

That other side of life. The calm quiet relaxed side of people who just find life easy without any problems. The kind of poeple who we all really are. We are the sleepers. The people who can sleep. The people who just lie down hit the pillow and just sleep.

We can sleep whenever we want. We are not really insomniacs. We are happy. We are relaxed. We are sleepy. We are the mental wellbeings.

So now its the morning. Everything is sweet. Everything is allright. You have slept well. You have rested. And you can face life again. Like me now for instance. I can face life.

Half way through writing this article I went to sleep. Now it's the following morning and I have had some of the best sleep I have had in a long time. Seriously. It's like writing the first half of the article last night drained out all of my energy. So when it was time to sleep it was just like switching out a light.

In fact I slept so well that I think I am going to try and write an article every night from now on. The sleep was so good.

Mentalwellbeing is something we take for granted until we lose it. Did you know that by the year 2020 depression is expected to be the world's second most common illness? Maybe that would include depression about insomnia. Who knows? But what I do know is that if in any small way I have helped you with getting some sleep then I will be happy to release this article.

I don't get much for it. But it should keep me at peace with myself. And should mean I can get to sleep at night. So I wonder what I am going to write tonight? Maybe something about my day. Maybe something about mentalwellbeing.

I know that I have been short of sleep for several weeks now and this morning is the most refreshed I have felt for a long time. But I needed to write this article. I needed to publish it. And it worked. I can't get over this. It's amazing. Whenever I can't get to sleep I just write an article on the web. Maybe this is the answer. Well I know it is. It worked. Sleep well.

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Written at 4am by Mike Poole whose website is at where you can find all sorts of other information about healthy mentalwellbeing

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