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Hypnosis - Does It Help Or Hurt Recovery?

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You are getting relaxed and intensly concentrate on my words...hypnonsis can be very effective. This form of natural healing has a long history of use; with there even being evidence to suggest that ancient societies used forms of hypnosis in religious rituals. There are many professionals that continue to use including psychologists, psychiatrists and by certified hypnosis therapists.

1. Prejudices About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is most often related to entertaining stage shows where an audience participant is hypnotized and then does crazy things, like pretending to be a chicken. Hypnosis is also thought of by some as a tool to use to aid with the cessation of smoking. Hypnosis can be much more than a form of entertainment of a tool of self-help. Hypnosis can also be used to aid in the recovery of illnesses and injuries.

2. Forms Of Hypnosis

As with the medical field, there are many different forms of hypnosis. In one form of hypnosis, guided imagery is used. With this form, hypnotist guides the person into a relaxed state. This relaxed state is usually accomplished by helping the person visualize his stress and release it. Hypnotism can also be done through the use of direct suggestion. Through direct suggestion, the hypnotist puts the patient into a trance and repeatedly tells him to feel a certain way. Since the patient is more receptive to suggestion while in this trancelike state, he is easily convinced by direct suggestion.

3. Pain Relief

Hypnosis has been shown to aid individuals with pain relief. In fact, clinical studies have shown it to help relieve pain in patients suffering from cancer, burns and leukemia. It has also been shown to reduce pain in women undergoing childbirth and in dental patients undergoing dental procedures. Hypnosis has been shown to be an excellent alternative to individuals who do not wish to use highly addictive pain relievers, such as morphine, to relieve chronic pain. In fact, hypnosis has been used by some patients as the only analgesic while undergoing cardiac, abdominal, genitourinary, and breast surgery. Amazingly, those who use hypnosis rather than medicine for pain relief found their relief to be far superior.

4. Childbirth

Examples of those who use hypnotism are woman to reduce pain during childbirth, and cancer patients claim that hypnotism reduces pain while undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, many cancer patients believe hypnotism helped them recover from the disease.

5. Hospital Illness

Hypnotism has had such amazing results that major hospitals are even beginning to use hypnotism to help patients relieve pain and recover from illness more quickly. In fact, the University of North Carolina uses hypnotism to help patients control irritable bowel syndrome.

6. Recovery

Lots of research has been done on the road to recovery on this subject. Much research has been performed in the effects of hypnosis in recovery. One study was published several years ago that found that hypnotism before surgery helped patients require less pain medication. These patients also experienced fewer complications and were able to leave the hospital quicker than patients who did not receive hypnosis. If you look at brain research, hypnotism actually alters brain functioning and activates specific regions of the brain to control ability to focus and pay attention.

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